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Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Crystal Liu and Rumoured with Yu Jianming Gossip

Recently there are some gossips said Crystal Liu is being speculated has a special relationship with her mentor Yu Jian Ming (遊建鳴). Yu Jianming is a very outspoken and vocal person but also a fairly respected TV producer for his work. It was he who casted Yifei in NOBLE FAMILY.

From the media spreading on Chinese entertainment, Yu Jian Ming (the producer from Crystal's old series "The Story of a Noble Family" (aka "Jin Fen Shi Jia") has shown Crystal Liu the script for an upcoming TV series (which will be part 3 of a set of CCTV series that started recently with Di Ying Shi Ba Nian 敌营十八年) and has offered her the part of the lead female. He seems rather confident that she will take the role, but I'm not sure whether that's just his opinion or if Crystal has actually agreed to it herself.

What happened actualy between Crystal Liu and Yu Jianming ?

You Jianming officially refute false rumors of rift between him and Yifei

For those of you who were aware (or more fortunately, blissfully unaware :D ) of a rumor published by most Chinese entertainment news for the past few days speculating that Yifei and her former introducer You Jianming (producer of THE NOBLE FAMILY and the upcoming LOYAL HEART) would be happy to know that the issue has been put to rest by Mr You himself.

The source of the gossip is in fact an article first published in a Netease blog of a gossip entertainment reporter based in Guangdong province.

[Summary of Rumor]
Under the title, "Has the relationship Liu Yifei and her mentor You Jiaming go into a downturn?" the blogger (known by the pseudonym "Gossip Fox") made a number of claims including that Yifei would appear in a live broadcast program by a Guangzhou TV station (which Mr You is a founder) on the morning Chinese New Year 2010. It is also alleged by the blogger that the boyfriend of Yifei would also appeared in the same event as a mysterious guest. The blogger then alleged negatively that Yifei asked for RMB 400,000 for performing live in the show and as a result made a number of people in the TV station unhappy including Mr You.
While acknowledging that Yifei has appeared for free as a celebrity guest in two events held by Mr You in 2009, the blogger then alleged that Yifei and Mr You's relationship has deteriorated because Yifei is not willing to star in LOYAL HEART for "low wages offered by Mr You".
[End Summary]

What is interesting is this article is then picked up by many mainland China entertainment news and reprinted with little or not editing as a factual report by its own reporter with NO ATTRIBUTION TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCE A few smaller newspaper even credit the WRONG source (due to the SHAMEFUL behaviour of some main new sites to insinuated that the news is from them).

In response to the rumor, a statement issued under (chopped with) the company seal of CHS Media (You Jiaming's company) were distributed to various entertainment news agents:

[Translation Summary]
CHS Media (Guangdong) and Yu Jia-Ming hereby solemnly declare that:

Certain claims by various person(s) or parties on the Internet with regard to any split or ill-feelings between Miss Liu Yifei and Mr Yu Jiaming is made with an intention to spread this rumor as a publicity stunt or scam.

We solemnly declare that:

1. To date, no TV station has ever contacted Mr Yu Jianming with the purpose of soliciting his help to persuade Miss Liu Yifei to perform in Chinese New Year [program name deleted by Wanmei so as not to promote it].

2. Mr Yu Jiaming and Miss Liu Yifei have a excellent mentorship as mentor and protege and any claims to the contrary is absurd talk.

3. In 2010, there will be more collaborations between Mr Yu Jiaming and Liu Yifei's company.

(CHS Media (Guangdong) Company Seal)
CEO, Yuo Jianming
Jan 30, 2010

Yu Jian Ming, declare in a statement that he didn't has a special relationship with Crystal Liu

crystal liu yu jian ming
Crystal Liu and her mentor Yu Jian Ming

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