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Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Crystal Liu in A'ershan Mineral Water Commercial Ad

Crystal Liu deserved to get an award at 2010 Bazaar Charity Night for her continous charity volunteer work. Crystal Liu is such a celebrity knows how to promote their country to outside. After played as a tourist messenger in Wuzhong Travel magazine, promoting in Suzhou Campaign, advertising in Taihu Project, and promoting her hometown Wuhan, and now, Crystal Liu endorse a Mineral Water Commercial Ad branded A'Er Shan.

A'er Shan (or A'er Mountain) is the "natural oxygen" and "summer resort". It has the functionality mineral spring group and the unusual volcano lava landform. Among the 76 hot springs, 7 are located in the crater lakes surrounded by dozens of volcano lakes. The winter snow and ice resources and the hot spring, the forest, the small town, made A'er Mountain forming "the interdependence on the city and forest", "the contrast of the city and the spring" and "the spring and snow is symmetric".

Crystal Liu is the right person to endorse the fresh mineral water. Hope who drinks the water can have the fresh and bright face like Crystal Liu.

A'er Shan is a name of town, located in Hailaer, Inner Mongolia, China.

A short information about Hailaer A'er Shan

Hailaer 海拉尔 is the largest city in the Hulum Buir Prefecture and located in northern Inner Mongolia. The city and surrounding country becomes very cold in winter,easily reaching -30 F. Even in October, the temperature can seem very cold. The region at this time is drab and uncolorful, as the grasslands turn greenish brown or are covered with snow.

One of the main draw cards for Hailaer is the picturesque grasslands, which provide fun activities for visitors to enjoy such as horse riding. You can visit local farms seeing how domestic families live and learn how they make cheese and yoghurt. Also there are the Japanese tunnels and caves that were built in the 1930s and used during WWII.

Photos of Crystal Liu endorsing A'er Shan Mineral Water

Crystal Liu in Aershan Mineral Water

Crystal Liu in Aershan Mineral Water

Crystal Liu in Aershan Mineral Water

Crystal Liu in Aershan Mineral Water

Crystal Liu in Aershan Mineral Water

Watch Crystal Liu Yifei as the official endorser of A'Er Shan Mineral Water video here

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