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Selasa, 10 Juni 2008

Crystal Liu Live Event in Hainan TV

Cyrstal Liu appeared in Hainan TV live at 8pm, 2008-06-02.

Apparently due to certain safety issues, the 89 children participants from Sichuan could only board a chartered flight on June 2 and arrived at Sanya. Many of the other celebrities including Andy Lau wouldn't arrive until June 3.

Among those from the entertainment industry, I noted that only actresses Crystal Liu Yifei and Yung Hung are in the first group to arrive at Sanya. By coincident, both are of Hubei ancestry and Yung Hung’s little girl is nicknamed ‘Crystal’

Note that except for public events like this, the media is not allowed access to the children for most of the activities and private sessions (especially counseling) over the 15 days.

BTW, hostess Zhao Yuying explained that the wrapped gift from Yifei contained the stationery she originally intended to send to Dong Xue. The organizer thought it would be more meaningful for Yifei to give it to Dong Xue personally on this night.

Crystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal LiuCrystal Liu

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