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Selasa, 14 September 2010

Crystal Liu fans Photos in Beijing

Crystal Liu recently went to Beijing to attend her film "Love in Disguise" premiere conference. Reporter said Crystal Liu was accompanined by her mother, Mrs. Liu. After the event, Liu Yifei and her mother were traveling from a rare, but it is in the same direction. May be too dependent on her mother, Liu Yifei has been in the car on his way home to catch up sitting in front of a car's mother, but due to violation of traffic rules by the traffic police blocked off.

Crysta Liu's mother, as we know, loved her daughter very much, and always accompanied her daughter to most of her activities. When filming, the crew will accompany her mother take care of Liu Yifei.

"Love in Disguise" premiere conference that day starring Liu Yifei. Many fans came to the scene, due to site selection in the CPPCC Auditorium, and this solemn place rarely open, so most of the fans can not enter the conference site. To wait for Liu, fans are waiting outside the hall.

When the end press conference, Liu Yifei was on the way to leave when crowd of fans came to her side, and taken her pictures. Liu Yifei still remain elegant, say hello to the fans. Mrs. Liu at this time actually was present, but fans did not see the figure.

Mrs. Liu has earned its Land Rover vehicles to leave, but Liu Yifei can only be successful on the train out of the crowd. To ensure the safety of Crystal Liu, security deployed to more than around in a safe area, surrounded by the fans to pass the crowded area.

The situation was chaotic, but in the end, or slow-moving to the car Liu Yifei next surprisingly, Liu Yifei has been traveling with his mother did not board the Land Rover, but on a Porsche, the car, she clearly show signs of weakness.

Although the different cars, but Liu Yifei and her mother is still traveling with only a brief look at separately. Liu Yi Fei sat in the back of Porsche and always a thoughtful look, stick with the mother board in front of the car.

Candid Photos Crystal Liu in Beijing, film "Love in Disguise" premiere conference day

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

Crystal Liu Love Disguise Beijing Fans

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