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Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Crystal Liu as Heartless in The Four (四大名捕)

Crystal Liu has a new film in 2011.

Liu Yifei to star in Gordon Chan's next film , 四大名捕 (The Famous Four Young Detectives aka The Four). She plays the leader of the group, Heartless 无情. The other three are Collen Chou, Ronald Cheng and Deng Chao. The article says her character is able to communicate with animals.

The Four is a special detectives (polices) consists as Heartless, Metal Hand, Cold Blooded, and Chaser. In Gordon Liu film, Crystal Liu will play Heartless, Ronald Cheng as Life Chaser, Deng Chou as Cold Blooded, and Collen Chou as Metal Hand.

Series The Four also has been aired in TVB Programme, starring Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, and Sammul Chan.

In the original story, Heartless is the shixiong since she/he is the first to come under their shifu, but is the second youngest. (Coldhearted aka Deng Chao would be the youngest). She's also suppose to be in a wheelchair.

The film is based on the famous wuxia series "The 4 Great Detectives" written by Malaysian born Wen Ruian which he first started writing at the age of 19 years.

In this adaptation, the leader of the four detectives, Emotionless is played by Liu Yifei and has a special affinity (can communicate) with small animals like birds, cats and dogs.

In the original novel, Emotionless is a man but in this movie adaptation she is now a female.
According to director Gordon Chan's blog, the original author, Mr Wen himself has approved the change in gender.
He did not deny that Yifei is playing the role.

One interesting fact is that before Wilson Yip took the helm of CHINESE FAIRY TALE (QNYH), Gordon Chan was tipped to direct it (with a different cast and story in mind).

Crystal Liu
Crystal Liu as Heartless (无情)

Deng Chao
Deng Chao as Cold Blooded (冷血)

Collin Chou
Collin Chou as Metal Hand (铁手)

Ronald Cheng
Ronald Cheng as Life Chaser (追命)

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