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Senin, 12 Mei 2008

Crystal Liu encounters Hollywood

Crystal Liu Yi Fei swings her carrier to Hollywood movies? Why not? After gained big success in her last movies "The Forbidden Kingdom", now Cyrstal Liu has a lot of things to do more in Hollywood

Perhaps Zhang Ziyi will face a bigger threat as Liu Yi Fei has signed Hollywood Contract due to her "Asian Beauty" image and performance. Liu Yi Fei is the main actress in $US75 million Hollywood movie "Forbidden Kingdom" besides two more international martial arts actors Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Liu Yi Fei plays as a mysterious and cold girl in the movie has attracted the Hollywood producers. Thus, she has now becoming the second Asian actress after Zhang Ziyi to sign with the Hollywood management company. The company spokesperson has revealed that they have been noticing her for a long time since her beautiful goddess in "Demi Gods and Semi Devils", little dragon girl in “Return of Condor Heroes”. The company has given her 6 movie scripts for her to choose and it is highly believed that the company is going to heavily promote Liu Yi Fei.

Crystal Liu Hollywood
Crystal Liu HollywoodCrystal Liu HollywoodCrystal Liu Hollywood

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