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Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Crystal Liu Yifei's road to fame, CCTV International Culture Express

CCTV Culture Express 05/05/08

She is 21 and already one of the most recognizable faces on the screen. Liu Yifei was propelled to fame portraying classic beauties in martial arts TV dramas. She recently appeared in the "Forbidden Kingdom" with superstars Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Many predicted she will be the next international star from China. On today's "The List", we meet this lucky young actress Liu Yifei.
She is young, beautiful and adorable, Liu Yifei has been receiving lavish praise from her fans. In addition to her slim figure and perfect face, Liu has an innocent looking manner. Ever since her first appearance on the screen, Liu's breathtaking beauty has been constantly lauded.

Liu Yifei's performance in the "Forbidden Kingdom" caught the attention of the William Morris Agency based in the U.S. She became the second Chinese actress to join in the company following Zhang Ziyi.

Liu's portrayal of Golden Sparrow won praise from Jackie Chan. The Hollywood blockbuster paved the way for Liu to break into the international circle.

In 2002, Liu was accepted into the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15. She was the youngest student in her class. But she was also the most famous due to a popular TV series "The Story of a Noble Family". Liu played a spoilt girl born with a silver spoon, in 1930's China. It was her first role on television. Despite her unevolved acting, many audiences found Liu's charm irresistible.

Shortly after, she was chosen to portray "Wang Yuyan" in"Heaven Dragon -the Eighth Episode". The drama, adapted from a Louis Cha martial arts novel is set during the Song Dynasty. Her fame was further enhanced as she starred as the lead in the drama " The Return of the Condor Heroes". After intense speculation on who would get the role of "Xiaolongnv", the part was offered to her. Even the author himself backed Liu Yifei.

With fame comes a lot gossip and sniping. Tabloids question her age, family background and even whether she received cosmetic surgery. Liu responded she wished to live a simple and happy life as Zhao Ling'er, the role she played in the TV drama "Chinese Paladin".

Liu once said actress Audrey Hepburn was her favourite actress and role model. Liu looks to become a woman as graceful and benevolent as she -- one day in the future.

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